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250 unique customizable robot avatars

Roxels are animated touch-sensitive 3D NFTs

Somnium, Decentraland*, the Sandbox*, and more...

*in development

You can use them in virtual worlds

Roxel Body Shop

Body parts, equipment, paint...

Customize and upgrade your roxel


Pick parts


Fill up the form


Send the parts and the roxel

RBS Wallet : roxel.eth (0xbAc89cB9BEfe09C226bB7003869642B7A0550988)


Receive the modified roxel

and the extra parts


-You can modify your new or second-hand roxel for free once.

-Extra modification cost 0.01ETH per Roxel

-Every part and equipment can be removed except the paint.

-Only one equipment or body part per slot.

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