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A collection of 2500 mini Roxels*


Generative, they are hand-painted and animated
140+ Traits
natively 3D and VR/AR compatible

*Roxel Alpha is a Roxel Brand Collection. The OG Roxel Collection is another collection of 250 Customizable non-generative Roxels. 

Metaverse Ready

At launch you can already request your avatars in Somnium Space.

We are partners with Sandbox.Game

You can integrate them into your games and projects (compatible with Unity and most of the cross-platform game engines) 


The first drop took place on Aug 1, 2021 (500 Alphas) and sold-out almost instantly

The second drop is taking place on Sep 1, 2021 directly on OpenSea:

  • Price : 0.015 WETH (polygon chain, test it here)

  • Random sequential listing: the drop will last 2-3h, listing the NFT one by one extremely fast. This way it will be harder to snipe only the rarest traits.

  • Use to see the drop live

Rarity Tool

Find out how rare your Alpha is!


  1. Enter the name of your Alpha(s) in the top right corner

  2. The Spider Chart will display how rare your roxel and each trait is (it is in Percentile, meaning if you score 75 this trait is rarer than 75% of the others)


The higher the score, the better. The Score is a global rarity.


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